Sunday, June 7, 2009

Drag Me to Hell? No Thank you.

So in my last post I implored my ZERO readers out there to go out and check out Sam Raimi's new movie, "Drag Me To Hell".

Well, I just saw it.

I guess it is better than your average PG-13 horror flick and is worth renting or watching if you ever see it on HBO but that is about all I can recommend.

The opening was pretty strong but after the first act the rest of the movie is pretty blase more or less with the exception of a few strong moments.

The real bummer was the ending. Others have complained about it already all over the web. They say it is predictable and not how they wanted it to end. Well, I'm not really complaining about that exactly. I just thought it was boring and a little lazy.

**Spoiler Alert**
Now if you want to see this movie and don't want to know the end I suggest you stop reading here. But I was thinking about what would have made a better ending and I came up with this:

Christine actually does stuff the envelope with the button in it in Ganush's mouth. We assume that she is successful in passing off the curse. Then on the final scene on the train platform Clay pulls out his papers and Christine sees the envelope. She freaks out as she does in the film (saying things like , "no, it's not possible" etc.) and she falls on the train platform. Clay drops his papers and the envelope falls on the ground. Clay reaches for her but it is too late, Christine gets struck by the train and killed. Just as it ends, a gust of wind flips over the envelope and the coin falls out, revealing that it was in fact just a coin in the envelope and not the button.

I told this ending to my friends who also saw it and they liked it better as well.

I like it better because, for one, Ganush gets sent to hell and it is good to see the bitch go down. and two, it has a nice "twisted fate" to it. Christine escapes hell by the demon but is killed anyway because she is so haunted by the experience.

It reminds me of the ending of Vertigo. Great ending that movie has. I remember the first time I saw Vertigo I was told going in that the girl falls from the Bell Tower. And I was watching it and thinking, "well it is almost over, I guess it isn't going to....OH Shit!" And then the movie ends. Hitchcock, he got you right as you were at the door. Great stuff.