Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Little Late: Grammy Thoughts

August and Everything After was a huge album for the band Counting Crows from way back in 1993. If featured several songs that you'd still hear on the radio today. It was nominated for zero Grammys.

So the Grammys were two weeks ago. I have one question? When did winning a Grammy become talent optional? It seems more and more award shows these days are throwing all of their credibility to the wayside just to try and make a few extra bucks for the industries they recognize (I’m talking to you Oscars, 10 best picture noms?).

Taylor Swift is cute and all, and she’s not devoid of all musical talent but album of the year? She has a less than fantastic voice and as for her songwriting; since when did cutesy pop become the forefront of quality music?

I was never a fan of the of the Backstreet Boys or N*sync but those guys were at actually talented as far as being able to sing and they never won a single Grammy between them (Not that they should have, that's the point).

I can’t think of a single thing the Jonas Brothers do that warrants a Grammy nom (unless “Band most capable of making tweens scream hysterically” is a new category I’m unaware of).

I don’t know, maybe I’m just showing my age (all of twenty-three years!), maybe I didn’t notice before and the Grammys have always pandered to the listening preferences of middle schools across the country. But now that I do notice I certainly don’t like it.

I refuse to believe that these are the best and brightest of music today. I hope this doesn’t discourage all of those people out there who are actually trying to use music to create something new and exciting that people can hear and say “wow”. Of course, those people aren’t doing it for the awards anyway.

Still, some recognition would be nice, and deserved. Shove it Grammy.

This is from M. Ward's album "Hold Time" released last year. Zero nominations

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