Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Circle-Circle, Dot-Dot

So apparently, I have cooties.

Or some form of bizarre sickness that keeps people from wanting to hang out with me. I had 3 count em' THREE extra Yankee tickets to tonight's game that I was willing to give away for free and yet I could not get anyone I asked to take them. I must of asked at least 16 people if they could they were...
Nathaniel - working/school
Leah - work too early the next morning
T. - working
Nikki - working
Mike - working
Kirsten - already doing something
Tommy - too much homework
Shane - never called me back
Vince - too tired (seriously!?)
Josh - working
Jr. - stuck at school
Brad - also, stuck at school
A girl named Lia who I haven't even spoken to in almost a year - dance class
Upstairs roommate - reason unknown
Upstairs roommate - working
Downstairs roommate - reason unknown

And I know I'm forgetting about someone! Well, anyway, the game was good but it was pretty cold so I spent almost half of it inside (which wasn't much warmer). I stayed to the end and on the way home I was freaking out between 125th and 59th street on the D train.

Just before the D train I was on passed 86th St. it passed the B train. I thought to myself seeing thing "oh good, I can switch to the B at 59th st. and take it home without having to wait long or walk as far." But then, things took a grim turn.

At around 72nd st. the D train slowed to a crawl, for probably about 90 seconds, but it felt like 98,586,209,012 seconds. As I hunched over nervously I saw the inevitable, the B train flew by. I thought, maybe now the train will speed up and the B will wait at 59th street for connection passengers. But the D train didn't speed up, it stopped completely.

I was now quietly screaming inside my head. I muttered to myself under my breath and I thought about how stupid the MTA is for allowing a local to pass an express just before a common station.

As the train pulled into 59th street, I was defeated. But then, a ray of hope. Actually more like an entire star; the B train was there waiting for me. And after a long string of bad luck in catching trains the last few days, I got one back.

Be Back Soon,

Kevin H. MacLean

P.S. I hate scalpers. They're dishonest.

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