Monday, April 6, 2009

(Sort of) Brave New World

You know, this isn't actually even my first blog, technically. My first blog was started over the summer of last year (2008) for an internship at a theater production company. I never actually made a single post, but it was called "Good 'Bad' Theater". If I had written anything, it probably would have been about how much I hated that internship and a mass warning to anyone who would find it, "Don't see this show!"

I quit that internship in mid July. When I did I was so worked up and angry that I probably could have written 50 pages worth of complaints and frustration. But I didn't ever write anything.

So that was my first blog and this is my second, but this is my first post.

-Kevin H. MacLean

P.S. I could say more, a lot more. I could talk about why I quit that internship, or the music I love, why I didn't finish filling out my profile, or the woman at work today who unleashed a profanity filled tirade when I asked where she was from. But I'll save all of that. After all, I need to keep you coming back for something, don't I?

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